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March - 2014 - AICF Chronicle

National Rapid & Blitz - 2014 from 25 - 29 April, 2014




19th International Grandmaster Open Chess Tournamet at Kolkata games

National Team Chess Championship games

Medical Evaluation of the age of Chess Players

12th Delhi Grandmaster International Open games

2nd Gurgaon Grandmaster International Open games

Senior Arbiter Examination at Ahmed Nagar

National Premiers Chess Championship 2013 - Games

Grandmaster International Open at Kolkata

Click here to download National Premier Chess Championship 2013 at Jalgaon, Maharashtra

National Under - 9 Challengers games

Grandmaster International Open games

Grandmaster International Open at Hyderabad games

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Upcoming Tournaments -

National Rapid & Blitz FIDE Rated - 2014

25-Apr to 29-Apr-2014
Ahmedabad , Gujarat

Lions Club of Kottakkal Herbal City below 1600

25-Apr to 27-Apr-2014

Nalanda Cup Below 2000

28-Apr to 01-May-2014
Shimoga, Karnataka

6th All India FIDE Rating below 1600

28-Apr to 01-May-2014
Tirupathi, Andhra Pradesh

Maharashtra State Under 11 Boys & Girls -2014

30-Apr to 04-May-2014
Nashik, Maharashtra